Sunday, December 7, 2008

Growing Oyster Mushrooms

Chronicle of my efforts to grow oyster mushrooms indoors on used coffee grounds.

10.9.08- gallons of coffee grounds mixed with a Fungi Perfecti indoor mushroom kit (espresso oyster mushroom) on 

11.10.08- Stalks growing- but no caps.  Insufficient light- need to add a floral grow light!

11.20.08- Floral grow light added to boost light input. 12-hour on/off schedule using an electronic timer.  Temperature about 65-70F.

11.25.08- First oysters ready!

11.25.08- Second 5 gallon container of coffee grounds mixed with mycelium from first containers to start a second batch.

11.29.08- Full harvest of the oysters- about 20 full size mushrooms.

12.6.08- I am keeping batch 1 in the grow light with water for 2 weeks- after which time I will water again to try and get a second flush.  Batch #2 is mostly covered in mycelium now.


Mycologista said...

Pictures! Post pictures!

Charles said...

Was delighted to find a blog on mushrooms being written by a fellow Rhode Islander. Hope you'll be writing more posts soon!