Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A very official disclaimer!

As I expand my knowledge about New England mushrooms, one of my goals is to find delicious ones that I can eat.  
This is not an endeavor to be taken lightly- as it is quite possible to cause yourself serious harm if not death from eating certain mushrooms.  I will provide the most accurate information I can here, but:
Be very careful about eating wild mushrooms- before popping anything into your mouth, consult multiple sources to make sure of what you are eating, and ideally have an expert ID any mushroom for you before you eat it for the first time.
I will always try to include links to more info, and pictures of the mushrooms I feature in an effort to make things as clear as possible.
There are a great variety of edible wild mushrooms out there, and several are fairly "safe", i.e. easy to identify, and do not have poisonous look-alikes. That being said- don't trust me- and if you are ever in doubt about what mushroom you have- throw it out.

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